Love Note to Barcelona

Rachel Thompson
February 14, 2014


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a few words of affection for you, my beautiful city this semester.

I love my walk to class each day, under the Arc de Triomf. Sometimes I walk through the Parc de la Ciutadella, which is always full of people playing guitars or enjoying each other’s company under the lush greenery. I love the fact that I walk onto my university campus and am surrounded by different languages.

I’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful running spot, Barcelona, than on the path beside the sea. And even though it’s winter, I love the fact that I can take off my shoes and walk along in the sand, feeling the coolness of the Mediterranean water against my skin.

I love the vibrancy of the people here too. Despite the fact that Barcelonians never seem to sleep, they are somehow ready for the next day’s happenings with a smile and a freshness of energy. I try to emulate their attitudes of living in the moment and savoring all that life has to offer.

I’m intrigued by the fact that no matter how much I explore, there will always be more to see and experience here, Barcelona. More architecture, more nature, more scrumptious foods. I love knowing that around each corner and down every alleyway, there is something new to discover.

I look forward to the freshness of food that comes with each meal here, and the fact that I can wander into La Boqueria or Santa Caterina and find an endless array of fresh foods to try.

I love that everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by history. And that sports aren’t so much a hobby here as they are a passion.

I love spending time wandering around El Born, into the multitude of little shops, markets and cafés not too far from our flat.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that as soon as I got here, I felt instantly at home. I love that I feel more and more a part of this city every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Barcelona. I couldn’t be any happier to spend it here.


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