DiscoverIES: Our Trip to Edinburgh

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Paulina Morera Quesada
December 2, 2023
Alleyway in Edinburgh with multiple people walking along it.

On the last weekend of November, we went on one of the last DiscoverIES experiences of the semester: a trip to Edinburgh! Let me just start by saying that I was incredibly excited about traveling by train with all my close friends around me. 

Sage, Bri, and I made sure that the vibes were immaculate by bursting into song every now and then (this was such a recurring reality, that we ended up creating a playlist). Our go to was definitely “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. A classic. 

Our three days at Edinburgh were filled with activity after activity. It was very tiring, but worth it. We toured the city, found all the Harry Potter references, fed deers, went on a hike, saw beautiful waterfalls, and walked around the Edinburgh castle. We did a lot. 

The one thing I did not absolutely like was the weather. It was so cold and wet. Before you come for me, yes I go to school in Minnesota, a real-life freezer, but it is very different from being cold and dry than being cold and wet. The latter one is one of my nine circles of hell. However, I must admit that the beauty of the city was only enhanced by the rain, the cobblestones and the buildings glistened, it is part of the experience. 

As I said earlier, this DiscoverIES experience was extra special, because I was surrounded by my friends. So, in an effort to showcase more than my humble opinion, here are some thoughts from my friends Bri and London.

What was your favorite part of the Edinburgh trip?

“My favorite part was riding the train with this amazing individual named Paulina, and THEN I would say my other favorite thing was meeting and feeding the deers and the owl. It was so enjoyable, and the animals were so sweet and calm. Cool too to learn about animals that are native to Edinburgh!” - Brianna Tomczak, Hope College ‘24

“My favorite part was feeding the deers and the beautiful hike. The views were amazing. The leaves were changing colors making it feel like fall and I have never been that close to waterfalls.” - London Rascoe, Indiana University of Bloomington ‘24

What was your least favorite part of the Edinburgh trip?

“I would have liked to have been able to walk around the city just on my own. There were so many shops even just down the street from our hostel, that I didn't have enough time to explore. I wish there was just slightly more free time during the day.” - Brianna Tomczak, Hope College ‘24

“My least favorite part was the hostel. I just wasn’t really comfortable. The bed was pretty noisy and the bathrooms were tight to accommodate all the residents staying there. The stairs to the room were a bit overwhelming as well. Also the train way back was annoying due to the delay. I also had some poor experience checking out pubs and a night club.” - London Rascoe, Indiana University of Bloomington ‘24

A little (lot of) rain never stopped the party. What a time to be alive!

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