Sayōnara Japan

Onyekachi Nwabueze
December 21, 2015
Kyoto, Japan
20 December 2015
I would like to dedicate this final blog post to IES Abroad. I will be boarding a plane back to the United States of America in just a few hours. My last full day in Japan, yesterday, Saturday, was spent seeing dear friends I have made here for the last time (temporarily). I ate Hawaiian burgers (well just one because they were huge) and had one of the best and spiciest tasting ramens I have ever had in Tokyo.
For our last official IESAbroad and E-pal gathering, we had a sayōnara (goodbye) party Friday evening. Of course, many were brought to tears because of all the cherished memories and friends they will and wish to keep and take back with them forever (this in addition to the slideshow). It was nice to be around the host families, and senseis (teachers) at one time.
Thank you IES Abroad for creating and making such a great and unforgettable study abroad experience for me (and many others). Thank you IES Abroad Tokyo and E-pals for making this experience even more enjoyable than I imagined.
I am definitely going to miss commuting to school during rush hour on squished trains every morning. I will miss the cute and overwhelmingly adorable children I worked with at Mirai Nursery. I will miss the delicious foods I tasted and the communication struggle to get such food. I will miss the always fashionably dressed people and their corresponding fashionably dressed babies/children. Most of all, I will miss the great E-pals, IES Abroad students, and friends that I have met and gotten close to over these four months.
Mini Self-Evaluation Survey:
Would I ever come back to Japan? Of course.
Will I tell all of my friends to also come to Japan? Most definitely.
Did this experience change me? That and my perspectives of the world.
Should you study abroad in Japan? Only if you want to have the experience of a lifetime.

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