Spontaneous Trip to France

Nathan Outlan
September 22, 2016

So, it has been a few weeks since I first arrived in Freiburg and the need to travel had already hit me and about everyone else in my program. I love Freiburg, and I plan on turning every single stone in this city while I am here, but to the west there is a country some of you may know... it goes by the name of France.

However, we wanted to go a few places in Freiburg before we left for the weekend and went to Strasbourg. Excluding a select few, most of the cities in the States do not have cafes and coffee shops on every corner. It has definitely become a habit of stopping by a cafe around 2 or 3 to grab a little something to eat and hang out for a bit. A nice pause to life. It's like a time to just sit and talk with friends before you finish the rest of the day. I plan on going to every single cafe in Freiburg. I am not sure how many that is exactly, but it should be fun to attempt, nonetheless. I also finally climbed the Münster, which is a giant gothic style cathedral that was founded around 1200. There was one quite similar in Strasbourg, but the line was so ridiculous we did not even think about attempting it. There was so much more to do than stand in a line... We'll get to all that in a bit.

Also, I finally visited the Wiwili Bridge, which is really cool because it was closed to cars in the early 2000s and is now only used by cyclists and pedestrians. Every time you pass by the bridge, there are always people sitting on the low blue arches of the bridge. It is one of the many landmarks that makes Freiburg such an internationally known environmentally conscious city. 

Okay, so Strasbourg. I will give you a quick synopsis. Taking pictures the whole time: we ate, ate a little more, walked for a bit... sat down, ate, stood up, ate, full, ate, full, ate... It is honestly hard to explain the array of food we ate in one day, so just check out the gallery below. The first bit will be Freiburg and the second will be Strasbourg.

Next time you hear from me I will have just gotten back from Oktoberfest... 



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