Freiburg: The Cultural Mosaic

Nathan Outlan
September 13, 2016

Guten Tag allerseits,

I have been in Freiburg, Germany for a little while now... and it is everything I thought it would be. This city of roughly 220,000 people is so internationally diverse that it is bursting at the seems with languages, ideas, food and every walk of life. It is a combination of a great college town, green energy hub and bustling city. Sometimes, I forget that this city is four times smaller than the city I grew up in. I think that that may have something to do with the multi-use of Freiburg. No building is just one building; every floor and corner has another purpose than the one before. That, combined with the amazing punctuality of Germany in general, has been the two most impressive things so far.

On top of that, the countryside and city will take your breath away. And it's not something that you have to be looking for. It pops up out of nowhere, because it is everywhere. Just walking down the street and then out of nowhere -WOAH- you're dumbfounded, standing on one of the most beautiful streets to ever be created while engulfed by medieval architecture. It really is something; to be walking down a street that is twice the age of the United States. Think about that for a second...

It has been very easy to keep experiencing new and exciting things during my first week and a half here. There is so much to explore in this city. And on top of that, I am centrally located within Europe; so it is really the best of both worlds. I will be stationed in a culturally vibrant city while having other countries and their culture at my finger tips. Lucky for you all, that means more pictures.  

I have created a gallery below to portray what my first week and a half has been like.




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