Sweet Treats

Natalie Clark
April 1, 2014

So, I am fully aware that I literally just blogged about some things I’ve been enjoying lately in Siena. But the subject matter of this post deserves a little extra attention. Why’s that? It’s about a chocolate festival. apparently these things actually do exist, so now all of my dreams have come true (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little..but still, pretty exciting).

As I headed off to take my last midterm, I noticed little huts being set up in the middle of Campo.
By the time I had returned from my test about an hour later, the chocolate festival and all its glory was up and running. I spent the next few days enjoying what was taking place right in my “backyard” (or a few steps outside of my apartment) by enjoying all things chocolate. And trust me, it was glorious. I spent quite a few minutes hours accepting free samples, finding the cutest chocolate shapes, and scoping out the tastiest truffles. There might have been some chocolate covered fruit consumption thrown into the midst somewhere.

While I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise anyone that I’ve devoted an entire post to chocolate..there actually is a little more of a point to this (okay, maybe not that much more). But being able to finish my exams and come back to enjoy a small festival reminded me of why I love Siena and its quaintness.

Chocolate galore. Can I have it all, please


Finally found the perfect truffles


The best crepe I’ve ever eaten in my life

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