The Berlin Diaries Part 5 - My Top Five Favorite Places in Berlin!

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Myles Mathews
May 22, 2024

Now that my time in Berlin is coming to a close, I thought I would showcase my five all-time favorite places to visit, whether that be with friends or yourself. I’ve found that these locations specifically can work with any group big or small and have a little bit of everything so no one feels left behind. I have fallen in love with all of the restaurants, markets, parks, and museums Berlin has to offer, but these are by far the ones that take the top spot for me personally. 

Markthalle Neun 

This historical market has every food and drink imaginable. Whenever I had a friend come and visit me for the weekend this was always the first stop as the diversity in food choices is rich. With the small plate setup they have to offer, you are able to get a taste of everything you want! I find this place to be a perfect introduction to Berlin and all it has to offer. Since most of the vendors set up there have bigger establishments outside of the Markthalle, you are able to enjoy what they have to offer to their fullest extent outside of the smaller place they have inside. The energy is great and the foods are ever growing! 10/10

Templehofer Feld 

One of the biggest parks in all of Berlin, Templehofer Feld is the ideal place to go for a nice and casual weekend night (especially when the weather's warm)! I was introduced to this by my friend who has lived here for about 15 years and he can’t stop coming back. This big field is quite the place where you can have picnics, play sports, bike, or even grill! I love how spacious it is and everyone is just there to enjoy the beautiful skyline as they hang out and converse with friends! 10/10

Bode Museum 

If you have friends (or you yourself) who are interested in art but only have a few days in Berlin then the Bode Museum is one of the places that I believe has a little bit of everything! It has a huge variety of art spanning from large-scale sculptures to unique Byzantine art. What I also appreciate is that they also have a small section/exhibition that changes monthly to showcase modern and digital art. Not to mention the architecture is stunning and at the tip of Museum Island! 10/10

Wannsee Beach

This was a location I found within my last few weeks in Berlin, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. If you want to get a little bit away from the cityscape and want to enjoy the nature Germany has to offer then Wannsee Beach is the perfect place to go! This lake was absolutely gorgeous (but very cold so beware)! I loved just getting to hang out with my friends by the water as we sunbathed and could cool off within five feet of us! Not to mention the sunsets there are also stunning since they reflect off of the water! 10/10

Shakespeare and Sons 

My all-time favorite coffee/bagel/book store in all of Berlin. Shakespeare and Sons has my favorite things wrapped into one establishment which keeps me coming back time and time again. Not to worry, they have a huge collection of books written in English so you can buy a book, grab a coffee, and spend hundreds of hours just enjoying the vibe it has to offer. The bagels are absolutely delectable and I couldn’t feel more at home than in this place. 10/10

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