The Berlin Diaries Part 4 - The Perfect Spring Break (Prague Edition)

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Myles Mathews
May 15, 2024

After my time in Vienna, my friend Anjali and I decided to spend the second half of our Spring break in Prague, Czechia! Now, I know a little bit about Prague since one of my good friends is currently studying abroad there, but I was excited to finally explore what the city had to offer after getting some great recommendations. That being said, we only had two days to see what we wanted so I am going to give you another list of my top three places you should visit if you're in Prague!

Havel's Market

This is most definitely the first place to stop by when you arrive in Prague as Havel’s market has EVERYTHING (It is Prague’s most historic market after all)! The amount of food and art that you could purchase was astounding. I literally wanted to eat everything since all of the food was delicious. What I love about the markets in Prague is that you and your friends can split up if you want, get the foods/drinks you personally like, and then meet up in the beautiful square to eat it all! It’s such a convenient idea and the locals are eager to meet students like us who are studying abroad! My friend and I had a lot of great conversations with vendors about our time in Berlin and now Prague! Highly recommend you always stop here first because then you can also bring these treats with you as you walk around the city. 

Charles Bridge 

Did I mention that you will be doing a lot of walking? Prague is most definitely a city that gets your legs moving. With that, a historical walk across the Charles Bridge is a MUST! This bridge is constantly populated and filled with culture, music, and art for a reason. As you walk along the bridge, you get a terrific view of the city as well as the river that it goes over. There are hundreds of artists selling their work from jewelry to hand-crafted paintings. I personally loved all of the live music that was being performed, specifically the jazz bands! You also can stop and look at the numerous sculptures that are lined along the bridge as well! I loved going back and forth from one side of Prague to the other using this bridge so make sure you get a glimpse of it even if it’s just once!

The Great South Tower of the Cathedral of. St. Vitus 

After crossing the bridge, if you walk up the huge hill that follows it you will be met with the Cathedral of. St. Vitus which is absolutely stunning. This historic cathedral dates back to 1344 and is a religious monolith in a way as it can be seen throughout the whole city. Since this famous Cathedral is in the heart of Prague, there are thousands of people who flock to see it every day. That being said, I recommend that if you are to do anything around the cathedral, instead of going into the Cathedral itself, to the right of the main entrance is the Great South Tower. It usually has no line and you can go all the way to the top of the tower (after walking up hundreds of steps) to see a beautiful lookout of the city. This by far was the highlight of my trip as I could see all of Prague and its architecture!

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