Black Forest hike

Muhammad Ahmed Bahram Khan
April 12, 2016

It is still the orientation month and our housing tutors planned to take us to a hiking trip to black forest which is quite close to Freiburg. I woke up early in the morning all excited to go on the hiking tour. It was still snowy outside, but I think it was a great opportunity to get to know other people in the program. It was quite difficult for many students to hike specially in the snow, yet it was one of the most enjoyable hiking trip I have ever been to. The view from the top was worth the effort to go all the way. The town settling in the middle of the mountains and the sun almost setting on the back contributed more to the breath taking view of the valley. We went to this café on top of the mountain for lunch break, which seemed very historic from its architecture. The food was amazing and the cheese cake was the best one I ever had in my entire life.

By the end of January, we were ready and all exited up for our first trip to Berlin and Prague. We have been studying about Europe in our Integrative Seminar class quite extensively, it also amplified our interest to experience what we have already learned about. However, the part where I have pack stuff is quite annoying. The weather will be cold; therefore, I have to pack the winter stuff, which takes quite a lot of space. I’m a person who likes to travel light and taking two bags on the trip doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Therefore, I had to packed quite efficiently and at least a day earlier, so in case I don’t have something I have enough time to buy. The excitement was at its peak, on the day when we had to leave I didn’t sleep at all. There was this horror going on in my head that if I sleep, I would miss the train which in any case I wasn’t planning to do because the train was really early in the morning. I got out of bed at 4 am, started to get ready and re-checked my bag in case I missed anything. I had this feeling that I’m forgetting something and suddenly I realized Ahhh passport!!! That’s what I was missing. Now, I was satisfied that I had everything I need and at 6 am I marched to train station to begin the journey which lies ahead.

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Muhammad Ahmed Bahram Khan

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