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Jan 18 1:47pm

The Night Before

Post by Noa Solomon

Sitting here on my couch in my apartment in Manhattan, New York the night before my trip to beloved Barcelona, I am forced to contemplate all that I have faced to get to this point, and all that lies ahead. 

My fears:

Jan 18 6:34am

Navigating Irish Cultural Differences

Post by Maya Reiser

After one whole week in Dublin, there are plenty of things that I have already been learning. While the Irish culture isn't too different from that of the United States, there are still many differences that I am working to adjust to.

Jan 17 12:15pm

Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock: Reflecting on My Time In Italy

Well, my study abroad journey has finally come to an end…and WOW am I sad. But also like, WOW was it amazing! Something had to be pretty great for me to now miss it so much, right? It's like they say, everything good must end.

Jan 14 2:56pm

A Letter to My Future Self, After Studying Abroad in Spain

Post by Nicole Stein

Studying abroad is exciting and terrifying. In anticipation of my adventure, I have so many questions. I decided to ask my future self to reflect on her journey abroad, and I will respond to these questions and more after my adventure comes to a close.

Jan 13 10:59am

On Packing // Spiraling // Queerness // & COVID-19

Post by Anna Sverclova

Today, I bought 5 bottles of sunscreen.
I can’t stop frantically checking the packing list // my backpack // my suitcase // the pile of
clothes I have crammed in the corner for “later”–
           & I am realizing “later” is three days away.

Jan 12 10:43am

I Went to Six FC Nantes Matches During My Semester Abroad

Post by Amanda Carrier

During my time in France, I found myself going back to the local stadium again and again to watch FC Nantes play. I enjoyed it so much that I went to six matches, and I definitely consider myself a fan of the team now!