Day Trips In and Around Sydney

Montana Landegger
July 28, 2014

Wandering the Botanical Gardens

Almost everyone on the trip, of course myself included, both students and interns, try to take advantage of the completely unplanned weekends and venture out farther than the CBD or right beside where we live. So far some of us went to Hunter Valley and did a wine (and slight cheese) tour. We visited three different vineyards, learned about wine and tried a lot of them too. I’ve also gone out to Watson’s bay, and to the Taronga Zoo, and Olympic Park.

First stop on the vineyard tour

Olympic Park!

Watson’s bay was calm and beautiful, and the zoo was so great. There were animals from all different parts of the world, some which I had seen before (in zoos and in the wild as well). I visited the Olympic park towards the end of the day so did not get to see the majority. It was really huge, and seemingly eerie since it was so empty compared to the capacity it was built for. I went in the pool building and got to swim in the Olympic pool (and use the waterslide and sauna too!).

Visit to the zoo

Zoo with a view to the city CBD

For partial-day trips, I’ve also visited the Pylon lookout, since there are similar views of the bridge climb, and costs under 10$. Also visited: Hyde Park Barracks, Luna Park and the National Park. (I’m just noticing in writing this the large amount of park-based places).

One of the views from the lookout

Cockatoos at the National Park

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