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Oct 13 4:29pm

From Rain to Shine: A Quick Guide to the Amalfi Coast

by Madison

The Amalfi Coast is a breathtakingly stunning stretch of Mediterranean land along the southern coastline of Italy. The picturesque towns and villages along the coast are what make this a popular tourist destination. I personally can vouch for its charm and undisputable natural beauty. I highly recommend a weekend trip! If you are looking to plan a quick getaway to the Amalfi Coast, then you have come to the right place.

Oct 12 9:38am

Safety tips from an Overly Cautious person

by Tabitha

In any new environment, safety is my #1 priority and I'm glad that with IES Abroad Quito the safety of all students is taken very seriously.

Oct 12 9:09am

Cultural Differences in Paris!

by Kevin

A few days ago, I officially made it one month in the City of Light! In this first month, I have learned about numerous cultural differences from discussions in my French class, with my host family, and my new Parisian friends and from my own experiences.

Oct 11 4:17pm

Traveling Will Change You - Embrace It!

by Maria

When you start to accumulate experiences, both exciting and uncomfortable, you begin to notice the many subtle ways that you've changed. Through studying abroad in Rome, I've definitely become a braver and more outgoing person!

Oct 11 2:57am

Can studying abroad really change my life?

by Pheonix

Is it just me or did every person that encouraged you to study abroad also say that it would be a “life-changing experience?” While I’m sure that I’m not the only one to have heard this promising phrase, I am also pretty sure that like me, you probably didn’t receive a clear guideline as to how y

Oct 10 4:35pm

Breaking the Stigma About Mental Health Abroad: Correspondents Share Their Personal Stories

by IES Abroad

We are so proud that our Correspondents are using their blog posts to help break the stigma about maintaining and managing mental health while studying abroad.

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