The Thrills, but Mostly Chills, of Packing

Micah Castle
February 20, 2014

This day has finally arrived; It’s the day where I can no longer put off packing. I forgot to remember that packing is an essential chore before leaving the country, and now I’m facing the daunting task of deciding which pair of boots is going to be most essential to take abroad. It’s a funny feeling to have something to do after having been at home for the past two months with mindless chores being the highlight of each day. Although I was home for so long, it seems as if these past four days have been so busy with things I all of a sudden have to do before I leave. Where was my brain and productivity before this weekend?

I can’t believe I’m actually leaving (again). Since I just got back from Spain in mid-December, I feel like I’m perpetually on vacation. It’s back to Europe for me! I’m excited and nervous for all the obvious reasons, and I can’t help but wonder who am I going to be hanging out with these next few months? Will my roommates be clean? Is Freiburg an awesome city to live in for five months, or am I going to get bored? The unknown that awaits is almost as daunting as my full basket of laundry that needs to be folded and sorted. Ugh.

If there was one thing I learned from being abroad last semester, it was to pack less shoes. It’s going to be tough choosing which shoes are important, but they weigh like bricks in my bag and they simply cannot all make the journey. I’m sad to say that I don’t think my favorite brown boots are going to come with me.

It’s finally time for bed, though. I seriously don’t think my eyes are going to stay open any longer. Thank goodness my flight isn’t until five tomorrow! I have some time to finish in the morning. Unfortunately, later flights draw out goodbyes. I’m gonna miss my family and friends, and I will definitely be sad to kiss my sweet dog goodbye. As they say in German, Guten Nacht! 

Micah Castle

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