Field Trip to Sevilla and Granada Part II

Micaela Ferguson
October 29, 2015

After a great day in Sevilla, we made our way to Granada. The first stop was La Alhambra. La Alhambra is both a fortress and a palace that has beautiful gardens and stunning architecture. I think one of my favorite things about La Alhambra was the detailed tiles that adorned the walls. Below are various pictures from the visit. The top left shows an example of just how beautiful the tiles were, engraved with Arabic inscriptions. On the bottom left you can see the stunning fortress from a distance.


After visiting La Alhambra we drove to the center of Granada to spend time exploring on our own. We found the beautiful cathedral, and tried to enter it. Unfortunately the second we walked in we realized we had just walked into a wedding, so we scurried out of there as quickly as we could before we were accused of crashing! I was also able to meet up with some friends from my school who are in the IES Granada program. It was really cool to see them and catch up.

That night, we went to see a flamenco show. It was a very intimate show located in a small bar. Flamenco is a beautiful art. I think it is very cool that the dancers actually assist with the music, adding an intricate beat with their feet! I was shocked at how much energy was put into each dance piece - it's truly a beautiful art.

On our way back to Salamanca, we stopped in La Mancha to see the famous windmills. 

I can definitely understand why this was an ideal location for windmills because I don't think I've ever been in a location that was quite as windy! The Santa Ana winds that I face back home don't have anything on the winds at La Mancha. Above are some crazy photos from the effects of the crazy wind storm. I think the experience definitely redefined bad hair days for us all.

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