A Weekend in Marrakech – Video!

Meghan Johns
March 6, 2014

This past weekend, I traveled with a group of ten friends to the city of Marrakech! Marrakech is in southern Morocco, and we arrived there by a five hour train ride from Rabat. It is advised that you always buy a first class ticket so that you are guaranteed a seat, but our friends bought second class tickets and were able to all find seats eventually on both trips, to and from. The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend- so warm and sunny! I am already willing to go back.

First of all, something that really made the trip was our lodging. The hostel at which we stayed was amazing. It was actually my first hostel experience, and I am afraid that no other hostel in my future will compare to this one! It’s called Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge, and I recommend it to every student traveling in Morocco. (0:20 in the video) The place is colorful, vibrant, and the staff is super friendly. There is an awesome hang out on the roof where there are also tent rooms where you can sleep; you should rent these! It’s located in the medina – very near to many attractions.  (It has been voted 8th best hostel in the world. Ok. End of plug.)

I always love eating out here, but ultimately struggle with the final decisions. For dinner one night (2:17), I had pastilla – it’s like a pastry with sugar and cinnamon, but it is also filled with chicken! Absolutely delicious. It might sound more like a dessert than a dinner, but my host family has served me couscous covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon (with sugar on the side, you know, if you wanted to add any more). Breakfast also consists of a lot of sugar, as well, but actual “dessert” here is always fruit. Specifically, oranges.

Probably the most exciting part of Marrakech is the huge square called Djemaa El-Fna. (0:53 and 2:19) It is a market place filled with entertainers, artists, salesmen, food vendors, and more than enough lemonade/grapefruit juice vendors. (I honestly do not understand how there were so many of the same juice stand – However, it was very delicious.) For those who fear monkeys or snakes, watch where you’re headed. There are a lot of men who would like to show you these guys, and might make you pay if you handle them.

Another awesome, but dangerous, thing about Marrakech is all of the motorcyclists! Be sure to hug the sides of the streets in the medina so that you will not be run over. However, I enjoyed seeing more women driving them!

Lastly, at 1:25, I’d like to inform everyone that those are not clouds, those are mountains. Snow, covered mountains. Yes, this is still Morocco; Yes, Africa.

Now watch the video!

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