Top 5 Places in Rabat

Meghan Johns
May 21, 2014



Tour Hassan

The Hassan Tower is not only your place to get the newest, creative photo of yourself (search my previous posts and you’ll find one), but it’s also a monument rich in history – and it’s situated right across from the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, which also houses the tombs of King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah! I advise going on a weekday to avoid larger crowds.



Just one cool scene from Les Jardins Exotiques!

So this place is not exactly located in central Rabat, but it is not far and is definitely worth a grand taxi trip. I complained about the lack of nature in my daily life in a previous post, but this place is huge and it’s filled with plants from all over the world! It also has rope bridges… Need I say more?



The doorway to the Cafe Oudayas

Situated in the Kasbah des Oudayas, almost its own city in itself, this cafe is the best place to enjoy a mint tea while also enjoying the best view possible. It is well worth two trips, or three, possibly four.



A cheap meal-saver or after school snack – Marina D’Or

Marina D’Or. Delicious and efficient. On the days when you don’t like anything your host mom packed you for lunch, Marina D’Or is there to save you. The food is cheap. They have delicious smoothies! And you can even get your meal to-go if you need. Located only a few blocks down from school towards your direction home. Perfect.



Here is one of the main roads, lined with all sorts of goods.

What’s the best place in Rabat? …The old Medina, of course. It’s broad, I know, but how can it not be number one when you can find anything you need in here? It’s your one-stop shopping place, except it looks way cooler than Walmart, even Target can’t compare. Here, you can even bargain for the price! And once you do get the price down low enough for yourself, you now have left over dirhams to buy a donut that is freshly made right there in the medina. But, wait, medina donuts are only 1 DIRHAM. So you can get TWO! Or three… or four. However, I advise spacing out your consumption of them throughout the semester.


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