Across the Pond

Matt Machin
August 25, 2015
Southern California Sunset

I've grown up in the same town, same neighborhood, same house my entire life. Despite attending school on the east coast, I have strong sentimental ties to the people and places back home. While this being my first experience traveling outside the United States, I can easily say that my 6,000 mile journey across the world fuels my fire for adventure.

The gallery photos include:

  • Los Angeles’ 4th Street bridge offers a great vantage point of downtown overlooking the 110 freeway. Many commercials and movies are shot here because of its location. 
  • Everyone knows Venice Beach for its unique boardwalk and beautiful beaches. However, there lays a gem just a half mile inland known as the Venice Canals. This is the perfect place to escape the crowds near the beach and take a stroll on a warm, sunny day.
  • The Griffith Observatory is notorious for its stunning views over Los Angeles. It sits on a hill over looking North Hollywood and is just a short hike to the Hollywood sign during the day. 
  • If you want to relax at the park one afternoon, then look no further than Kenneth Hahn Park. Laying in the Baldwin Hills, this park provides yet another gorgeous view of downtown Los Angeles as well as large, wide-open grass areas. It is also a half hour or less to the beach!
  • Balboa Island is a must go-to when in Orange County. About a half hour south of downtown, Balboa Island rests inside Newport Harbor and features many small, family owned stores that are great for shopping.

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Matt Machin

<p>I am a rising junior at Wake Forest University from Los Angeles, California. My interests are sports, hiking/backpacking, and photography. This next semester in France will be the first time for me going abroad.</p>

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