Cheers to the Halfway Point

Marlowe Padilla
May 3, 2015


I cannot believe that I have just completed the first half of my time here in Sydney. It’s hard to comprehend that in two months, I have seen so much and yet still feel that I have so much more to discover.

I close my eyes and remember the first day I got off the 14 hour plane ride from LAX to be greeted by the hot and muggy Australian air. I remember the anxiousness of driving on the left side of the road and meeting my roommates for the first time; how in two months we have gone from knowing so little about each other to trusting each other as close friends. I will never forget the feeling of seeing the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge for the first time, or feeling on top of the world at the Blue Mountains and realizing exactly how beautiful nature can be at Port Stephens.

I have explored Sydney’s Central Business District inside and out. Transportation comes second hand to me now; I know that the 428 will take me to the city and the M30 will take me home. I have discovered some of the best places to drink coffee and see the culture of Australia come to life. I know my favorite places to watch the sunset. I have begun to use Australian slang in my everyday language. I completely, and utterly have fallen in love with Sydney.

With two months, I know that I have to make the most of my time. Most of my other friends who have studied in different locations are now returning home. I am lucky enough to spend two more months crossing the last things off my bucket list. With a couple more trips to Tasmania, New Zealand, and possibly Melbourne, I cannot wait to see where life will take me.

School on the other hand is getting a little more difficult each and every day. With a couple of papers and projects left before I can really enjoy myself, I have to remember that school comes first. I find myself really enjoying my internship, which has given me valuable skills that I will be able to use in future careers. Hopefully, in these last couple of weeks I can really focus and make sure that I am leaving Sydney with good memories as well as high marks.

Check out this quick compilation video of my two month anniversary in Sydney! This will all lead up to a video at the end of the semester with some highlights from my four months. Cheers and enjoy mates! 

2nd Month Australia from Marlowe Padilla on Vimeo.

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