An open letter to new Santiago study abroad students

Marley Crank
January 14, 2016
The world in your Coffee

Oh hey there, future Santiago study abroad students! What's going on? How's it hanging?

I know that you are all getting ready to embark on this journey and that you're all feeling different things: anxiety, wonder, excitement, unsureness, and of course that whole "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 50LBS OF STUFF FOR 4 MONTHS"ness that is packing. But above all, I hope you feel curious

Curious of the culture, curious of the country, curious of your new peers, curious of the wonders that are language, and curious of what you will take away from living life differently for a little bit. 

Something that is really important to realize is that study abroad doesn't mean that you are on vacation from life or that everything will be great. You will be living life; a real, complicated, hard, and wonderful life. You'll simply be in a new place. This will force you to grow in incredible and undiscovered places. In that I hope you are patient.

Patient with yourself, patient with your host family, patient with your peers, patient with the slow pace of Chileans, and, of course, the slow line at every coffee shop. 

Santiago is a big, eccentric, wild, and enticing city. Do not get comfortable and stay in one part always, explore and attempt to see it from all sides and all stories. Break out of your comfort zone and discover new ways of seeing people, places, and things. Even bigger and more unbelievably beautiful is Chile. Ustedes tienen que conocer Chile más que Santiago. In your travels on the metro and through the country I hope that you are mindful.

Mindful of the beauty, mindful of the opportunities, mindful of the relationships you form, mindful of the diversity, and mindful of your role and presence in Chile.

Drink the Chilean juice, friends. Take in the views, listen to the music, use the slang, go to the weird places, and kiss la gente on their cheeks all day every day. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Que tengan una experiencia linda con la ciudad, y país, que me robó el corazón.   

Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le VIVA CHILE

<3 Marley 

Marley Crank

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