Appreciate the Love They Give

Grace Keller
April 30, 2018

About a month ago I finally turned 21 years old and am now considered full adult in the eyes of the law in both Europe and the United States. Even with this being true, three weeks following my birthday my parents showed up in Amsterdam to quickly remind me that age is but a number and that I will always be their youngest child. While at first I resisted their condoling and attempted to display my maturity to them as best I could, I began to realize that no matter how put together my life is and how grown up I feel I will forever and always be their little girl. After considering both the upside and the downside to this, I finally decided that being an adult does not mean I have to push my parents away. There comes a lot more advantages with being spoiled by my parents’ affection over the disadvantages that comes with resisting it. With this being said, I hope both my parents never doubt how much I acknowledge and appreciate all they have done for me and continue to do for me each and every day. While I’m busy trying to be an adult, I hope I always remember to humble myself enough to accept my parents love and guidance with open arms, even when I'm living miles away from them. My abroad experience would have never been possible without my parents, and I know I will spend the rest of my life attempting to try and repay them. 

Grace Keller

<p>Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I've spent my entire life in an environment heavily connected to the entertainment industry. As a student at Cornell University studying the connections between visual perception and media communication and design, I strive to be able to understand and implement effective design in media management. Fashion, art, architecture, music, food, and people are among the many subjects I hope to capture during my travels</p>

2018 Spring
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