Trust The Process, Ride Your Bike

Grace Keller
June 1, 2018

After living in the Netherlands for almost four months, I am able to reflect on a number of things about the Dutch culture that continue to surprise me. Before coming to Amsterdam, I was somewhat aware of the Dutch people's love for bikes, but I did not fully understand the extent to which Dutch people utilize bikes in their daily lives. The biking culture in Amsterdam continues to shock me each and everyday. There are more bikes than there are people in Amsterdam. There is a designated boat in Amsterdam with an attached crane designed to pick out bikes from the city's canals. I’ve seen moms biking two children on one bike, I’ve seen men dressed in full suits biking to work, and I’ve seen people holding suitcases at their sides as they are biking. Bikes are a pivital aspect of the Dutch culture. I think my favorite part of living in Amsterdam has been the freedom to go to all of these great places within the city without any fuss or difficulty. At first, biking seemed like an incredibly dangerous form of transportation. But in time and with a little practice, I found that Amsterdam's designated bike paths and flat ground make biking throughout the city extremely safe and efficient. 


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Grace Keller

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