Food Appreciation Post, The Sequel (Poetry Edition)

Marisa Ross
May 28, 2013

Not only is this my second Food Appreciation Post – Check out the first if you haven’t already! – but I decided to make this one an ode. Warning: Spanglish ahead.


Oh, Barcelona, how I miss your comida,

So much that I cried back home on el ultimo día;

My love for food can’t be put into words,

To even try is simply absurd;

But I can list some foods although you’ll think I am bonkers,

Yet I’ll describe to you how I came, ate, and conquered.


Let’s start with shellfish and food from the sea:

Mussels, clams, crawfish, and prawns bring glee;

Octopus, calamari, and mixed fish fideuà,

Even anchovies Spaniards frequently gnaw;

Bacalao, now that’s something I’ll miss,

My feeling are strong for this white salted fish.


Seafood paella and potato tortilla,

Fuet, butifarra, blood sausage morcilla;

Jamón, jamón! There is nothing quite like it,

I’m on a thin-sliced pata negra, serrano, and ibérico diet;

Sweet, smoked, and cured – even just in a smidgeon,

Forget Catholicism, ham’s the religion.


But enough about meats and dinnertime eats,

After the meal, let’s not forget about sweets;

Those flaky pastries that catch my gaze:

Powdered-sugar ensaimadas and manzana honey-glazed,

Chocolate-filled croissants and custardy cañas,

Pine-nut cocas – I think I’ve reached nirvana;


Raspberry cheesecake and glossy fruit tarts,

Chocolate con churros and chewy gummy hearts,

Almond turróns, bonbons, and flan,

Crema catalana I’ll eat till it’s gone;

Crepes everywhere with such an array,

Of Nutella, jams, and dulce de leche.


I miss the smell of waffles and gelato when I walked down Las Ramblas,

Pintxos tabernas and typical tapas;

Like mushrooms and béchamel stuffed in a croquette,

And tomato and oil smothered on a baguette,

Patatas bravas and those wonderful sauces,

Aioli and romesco at spring Calçotadas.


Lots of stews made with white beans and lentils,

Veggie cream-based soups were almost fundamental;

From the mountains to France, we get cheese in between,

Mató y miel, manchego and brie;

Spaniards don’t care much for spice, but they sure love their oil,

Pimientos del padrón pan-seared, simmered, and broiled.


I’d go to La Boqueria when class was no excuse

And sip on a mango-coconut-passionfruit juice;

Spain’s coffee is a culture some need to survive,

Just one café con leche and you’ll feel more alive;

I toast to sangría, vino, chupitos, horchata,

To Champaneria and their rosat cava


This past semester, I ate like a queen,

I studied abroad and learned the food scene;

And after all this time, Barcelona, I’ll just have you know:

Your food’s in more than my stomach;

It’s in mi corazón.


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Marisa Ross

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