Dos Semanas pt. 2

Madison Hurley
April 30, 2017

Yesterday was my last Kicker Rock dive of the Galapagos; it was a pretty sad moment realizing I won’t be able to dive there again, unless I come back, and also sad because the conditions were not the best. Typically Kicker has mild currents and good visibility. Yesterday however, the visibility was poor and the currents were incredibly strong. I felt like I was diving in the Boston Harbor again because I couldn’t see anything that was 5 feet or more away from me. Overall it was still a fun experience and I am glad I still went on the dive, just wish the conditions were better so I could see a few more things. Yesterdays dives were my 21st and 22nd, which I think, is pretty cool. I saw some sea stars, a few Galapagos Sharks and some fish other than that I spent a good amount of time trying to fight the current. On the first dive we were stuck in a little inlet type thing for 20 minutes just riding the current back and forth because we couldn’t get out. On the second dive there was a really intense moment of currents that took me barreling rolling into another diver.. No one got hurt thankfully, just a crazy experience.

I am really excited to dive in Santa Cruz this upcoming weekend but honestly at this point those dives are the only things keeping me here right now. I think I have officially reached my breaking point and completely just want to get home. It’s nothing against the Galapagos itself but just the fact I have been away from home long enough and am ready to return. I really do feel like if I wasn’t doing a few more dives I would leave a few weeks early. I just really can’t stay here any longer and because of this I know the next two weeks are going to be extremely slow and agonizing. I literally know yesterday/ a few days ago I said I was pretty indifferent about going/leaving.. It’s crazy how just a few days can completely change how you feel and your mind. I thought I was indifferent about the whole situation but now I realize there’s really nothing left here for me to look forward too like there is at home. I also just know I am going about my day constantly thinking, “I just want to be home”.

I know there are a few of us out there that don’t want to leave, and others who are ready like me. Everyone is different and handled being away from home a different way. I’m typically a homebody type of person and this was the longest time I have been away from home. Although I really enjoyed my abroad experience as I have learned a lot about the world and myself. I think it’s my time to go.

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Madison Hurley

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