Dos Semanas

Madison Hurley
April 29, 2017

Exactly two weeks from now I will be leaving the Galapagos, two weeks from tomorrow I will be leaving the country, and two weeks from Sunday I will be home… It’s crazy how fast time flies especially when you’re having the time of your life. I came into studying abroad thinking “wow by the end of the semester, I will just want to go home” but I’m starting to realize I don’t have that feeling… At least I don’t have 100% of that feeling. I do want to go home, well some part of me does. There are a lot of things back in the states I am looking forward too, like my job, the fact my older brother just had his second child, seeing my friends, family and boyfriend, and overall just having the comfort of home. At the same time though I am going to be extremely upset leaving behind the life I built out here on the islands, and the friends I made. I’ve only known my friends for literally four months but they became my family and saying goodbye is going to be rough.

I’m trying not to focus on the fact that I leave so soon, but then at the same time I think about it too much. I kind of feel indifferent at this point… like I’m just floating around in a happy medium between wanting to stay and wanting to go. I can’t figure out which way I am leaning to more or my own emotions about the whole process. I just don’t know what I feel now and I don’t know what I am going to feel when I return to the states, which I think is pretty normal for the type of situation I am in. For this last class we go to Santa Cruz for our last weekend in the Galapagos to do some diving excursions meaning I am approaching my last free weekend here on the islands. C.R.A.Z.Y. absolutely crazy. To kick off my last free weekend I decided to splurge and book a dive to Kicker Rock (in Español, Leon Dormido) for one last hoorah.

The diving here is another thing I am going to miss inanely. I can dive in the states but where I am from is nothing compared to here and I know that’s all I am going to be doing…. comparing…I came to the Galapagos freshly certified with four open water dives in the Boston Harbor. I will be leaving the Galapagos with twenty-six and an Advanced Diver Certification… Not a crazy high number but overall I consider it an accomplishment. The only thing is though twenty-two of those dives were here in Ecuador… meaning all I know is great visibility and the mega fauna that comes with it. The Galapagos Diving world is all I know and as excited, as I am to experience other cool places, I think I will always be comparing it to here because it’s just incredible. I don’t think there is a better placed I could have chosen to study abroad and I am going to enjoy every last bit of the time I have left.

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Madison Hurley

<p>Hello!! My name is Madison, I&rsquo;m Massachusetts made and currently a junior at the University of Maine majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Spanish. I love the ocean and can sometimes be a science nerd so I am really looking forward to spending my time in the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin happened to discover evolution. I enjoy drawing, taking photos with my GoPRo, and snorkeling/diving. Follow me to stay updated on my underwater adventures!</p>

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