"So What's the Move?" (10 Things to Do While in Freiburg)

Lorraine Engleman
July 21, 2016

Whether you’re wondering what Freiburg has to offer or you’re already there and looking for something to do, here are ten things I did that are worth looking into.

1. Go on a Historix Tour.
If IES Abroad doesn’t already set one up for you, you really need to look into it. Historix is a group of professional actors and historians that will take you on a walking tour of Freiburg while in full costume. It’s very entertaining, and it really helped to orientate me with the city early on.

2. Experience life as a German student.
You won’t attend classes at the actual university in Freiburg, but you can still eat at the Mensa with the rest of the students and use the university library, which is the largest library in Freiburg and a very impressive building. Everyone should go inside at least once just to check it out.

3. Take a study break.
Of course you’ll also need a break from experiencing life as a German student. The second floor at the IES Abroad center is a good place to hang out if you can get someone to play the piano for you (shout out to Torie and Jeremy), or there’s always the entire Black Forest to hike through. Even just sitting on the tram for a while makes a good brain break—pick a tram line other than the one that takes you home to see different parts of the city.

4. Get out of town.
With Freiburg so close to the French and Swiss borders, it’s easy (and fairly cheap) to take a day trip out of the country by bus or train. Our group went to Basel (Switzerland), Strasbourg (France), and Zurich (Switzerland). If it gets hot, spend a day at Lake Titisee, which is a gorgeous spot for swimming only a half hour away from Freiburg. You can get there for free with your RegioCard.

5. Grab a bite.
Freiburg has no shortage of places to get something to eat. My group and I recommend Das Kartoffelhaus for a sit-down meal (which offers an entire potato-based menu), Nordsee for a quick bite on the go (I love their fish sandwiches!), Uni Café for coffee, Incontro Gelato for dessert (gelato for only one Euro!), and ShooterStars Shot Bar for late-night drinks.

6. On that note, think outside the box.
There’s not just German food in Freiburg! Try Bella Italia for Italian food (big portions, good prices), El Bolero for really good Mexican food, and Der FreiBurger for a taste of home.

7. Order spaghetti eis.
I’m starting to realize a lot of these are food-related. Seriously, though, spaghetti eis is so cool. If you can’t tell from the name, it’s ice cream in the shape of spaghetti. Portofino at the Stadttheater tram stop has the best.

8. Watch an American football game.
If the timing is right, you can catch a Freiburg Sacristans game for free. It’s just a tram ride away, and I promise it’s worth it. American football in Germany is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever experienced.

9. Spend a night at O’Kellys Irish Pub.
O’Kellys has always been good to us, and we spent so many nights there that it’d be wrong not to include it. We always wandered in on Mondays for Trivia Night and Thursdays for Bingo Night after a long day of classes. They offer good food, prizes for the winners, and commentary in English.

10. Visit a biergarten.
Let’s be honest, a trip to Germany can hardly be complete without going to a biergarten. Our favorite is the Kastaniengarten, which has an amazing view of the city.

Even if you don’t do anything on this list, your time in Freiburg will nevertheless be amazing. I’ve fallen in love with the city, and chances are good that you will too.

Prost, Lorraine

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