Of Waffles and Chocolate

Lindsey Foster
October 22, 2016

   In our typical style, my friend and I decided to take a very last minute trip to Brussels this week.  We bought our train tickets on a whim and boarded the train that same day.  I had heard a few things about Brussels prior to this trip but was so surprised by how much I loved the city.  The city itself is very artistic; it seemed like every other building was an entrance to a pop up art exhibit.  There is also an incredible selection of museums, my favorite being the Magritte musem, featuring the amazing works of surrealist artist René Magritte.  We spent our first day walking around the city, sampling different Belgian beers and breathing in the sugary scent of waffels.  That evening we had an entertaining night out at the electronic club coined Mustache Mollys.  We got up early and headed towards the museum district, walked through the Palace of Justice, and admired street art along the way.  We finished off the weekend by splitting a godly Belgian waffle with all the workings: strawberries, banans, nutella, and whipped cream.  I'm so grateful I got to experience this amazing city!  Here are some pictures to commemorate our time there:   

View of an intricate tower in the Brussel's Grand Palace Square. 

My lovely friend Kelsey being cute in the square. 

Me hard at work so that you can view this blog post :)

10/10 would reccomend this waffle masterpiece. 

Me and Kelsey enjoying all the mirrors at Moustache Mollys.

This was taken at one of the many beautiful parks in the city.  

Was so happy to spot some fall foliage at another park!

Graffitti talent.

Was using my GPS to navigate to an area with cool street art and on the way we stumbled upon cool street art. 

My definition of beauty.

Hobbies include walking through expensive shopping malls where want everything and can afford nothing. 

U look good Palace of Justice.

More photos in the square!

And here I am enjoying a fine glass of Duvel, a popular (and delicious) Belgium beer. 

And after all was said and done we made it back to Amsterdam for a lovely sunset.

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