Edinburgh: Where Every Building Looks Like a Castle

Lindsey Foster
December 4, 2016

This weekend three of my friends and I headed to Scotland to visit the charming city of Edinburgh as well as the Scottish countryside.  We stayed with one of my friend's relatives who legitimately lives in a castle in Dundee, so naturally I was excited to check it out.  After hailing a cab outside the train station and inquiring if they knew directions to "Magicwell Castle" (not kidding, that is truly the name of her home) we were met by a confused look...God bless Google Maps.  The castle itself was magnificent, and somehow the interior was quite cozy despite a chilly draft.  We spent most of our time in the castle in the living room which featured floral wall paper that contrasted with a stone fire place that served as the room's heat source, and a seven foot Christmas tree with all the fixings.  The view from the castle was also amazing, looking out over two greenhouses, a fountain, and a breathtaking view of the Scottish countryside.  The next morning we woke up early for a hike in the town of Dunkeld.  It was a pretty interesting hike during which we saw waterfalls, a tall wooden bird statue, and forts made from fallen tree branches.  But the most amazing part of the hike was the lighting; the sun shone through the moss-covered trees and illuminated the trail with a golden light and we all couldn't help but stop to appreciate it.  After the hike we walked for about a mile until we stumbled upon a downtown area where we stopped for tea and cakes.  We spent the rest of the afternoon by the Tay River enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Photos from the hike are below:

A shady tree to rest under in Dunkfeld

This weekend I learned that the lighting in Scotland is amazing this time of year because of how low the sun is on the horizon.

Yet another example of the stellar lighting

Friends :)

Stumblin through the forest

Personality pictures


          The following morning we visited St. Andrews, known for their world class golf course and as the town where Kate Middleton and Prince William met.  We visited the old castle ruins which were located on a hill overlooking the ocean and also walked through the old graveyard which maintained the beauty of the land despite its eeriness.  We then caught a train and headed to Edinburgh.  I was shocked by how much I loved this city!  The beautiful stone buildings and colorful storefronts were impossible not to love, not to mention the Castle!  The castle is situated on top of a hill overlooking the city and provides an amazing birds-eye view of Edinburgh.  Even though this castle tops the charts in comparison, there are countless other medieval looking buildings that also look like castles located throughout the city, making it truly unique.  I ended up liking Scotland even more that I thought I would and I'm so grateful I had the chance to visit!

Beach pit stop

Wasn't prepared for the amazing coastal views at Saint Andrews

It always amazes me how graveyards can be simultaneously creepy and beautiful.

Got to enjoy a lovely view along this wall overlooking the ocean.

Cute spot at the Edinburgh Christmas Market!

Rides Galore in the city center

Loved the way the sun hit the tower at this moment

Edinburgh Castle!

Light show at the Christmas market

And finally--the amazing creation known as a Mac n' Cheese pie

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