Time Flies When You Need to Pack

Lindsey Foster
August 17, 2016

      Time flies by when you have no time to pack or prepare for going abroad!!  As of right now my best pre-study abroad advice would be not to procrastinate as I have done. Anyway, my name is Lindsey and I will be beginning my junior year of college at the University of Amsterdam in just four short days.  

       I am incredibly excited to cycle around the canals and discover local restaurants, bars, and cafés.  However I am most looking forward to meeting Dutch students and learning from the people living in one of the most progressive, open minded cities in the world.  I am hoping to pick up a bit of Dutch as well, although as of right now all I have down is: Hallo mijn naam is Lindsey (which you may be able to guess translates to hello my name is Lindsey, which can only get me so far…) 

       A few things about me... I'm obsessed with coffee and pickles (although usually not consumed together.)  I have an intense love-hate relationship with running.  I also love to cook. My favorite movies are Across the Universe, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  My older sister is my biggest role model and will forever be way cooler than me, and my friends are absolutely top notch people. I love to road trip, camp, hike, and take pictures.  Which, in fact, is probably what you are here to see. That being said I wanted to share a few photographs from this past summer to further introduce myself before I head to Amsterdam.  

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Lindsey Foster

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