Luck of the Irish

Lindsey Foster
September 19, 2016

Late Wednesday evening my friends and I headed to the airport anticipating our weekend in Ireland!  Exhausted, we immediately hit the bunk beds in our crowded hostel but woke up first thing Thursday  morning for a free walking tour.   The tour guide took us around the city of Dublin and taught us all about Irish history and most importantly about how proud Irish people are of their heritage, which he couldn't help but mention upwards of ten times.  After the tour we walked around the famous Temple Bar area and each enjoyed a Guinness because what better way to immerse yourself in Irish culture?  The next day we took a train to Galway, which if you didn't know, is on the exact opposite side of the country.  Surprisingly, this three hour bus ride turned out to be quite enjoyable because we were able to see much of the beautiful countryside along the way.  

An interesting building that marked the beginning of our tour in Dublin!

Obviously managed to fit some shopping into the weekend.

Some very fresh wall art. 

Pictured: me trying my best to blend in to a new environment. 

Last Dublin wall art photo I swear. 

You can only sort of tell this photo was taken from the inside of a bus :)

Interesting rock formation seen in the Burren.

Simple but beautiful mantle piece found in an Irish tea shop.

Being short is helpful when the doorways are 5 feet tall.

All smiles in the Burren!

Castle overlooking Galway Bay. 


Once in Galway I was surprised to discover that I liked this city much better than Dublin!  Its streets were filled with bustling, smiling people and countless street performers.  And of course there were plenty of stores filled with Celtic jewelry which kept the three of us busy for an hour or two.  That night at the pub we were surprised to see a group of Irish step dancers livening up the evening with their performance to the song "Galway Girls." The next morning we headed to the Cliffs of Moher which was one of the most breathtaking places I've seen so far on my trip!

Castle overlooking the cliffs.

Me lovin' life because Dumbledore was here in the sixth Harry Potter movie. 

The Cliffs themselves !!

My friends and I taking in the view.  

All in all the weekend was an absolute blast and I hope to return to Ireland one day to see the rest of the country!


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