Reflection: Pictorial Edition

Lesli Patino
May 31, 2019

Hey everyone,

Since my semester in Nagoya has ended, I wanted to share photos I took throughout the semester. Before heading to the pictures, I want to reflect on my time abroad.

When I first entered college, I was asked several times if I planned on studying abroad. Each time I answered “no” with certainty. At that time, and until I had submitted my application to IES Abroad, I was unsure if I wanted to study abroad. I was afraid of studying abroad. I knew I needed a support system in place, and I didn’t think I could be away from home for so long. However, I decided to apply because I thought I shouldn’t let my reservations keep me from an opportunity like living in Japan for six months. Once in Japan, I realized that it was easy to become isolated, but I found a support system in Japan. It was difficult to navigate relationships from home, but it was doable. When I fell sick, I reached out to our program coordinator who helped me without fail. The field trips were organized and interesting. Both IES Abroad staff for the Nagoya program were approachable and fun to talk to. I don’t regret applying to IES Abroad Nagoya.

As cliche as this might sound, I learned about myself while abroad. I also acquired newfound confidence in myself. It was an emotionally difficult semester, but it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. The memories I have brought home will remain with me for a lifetime. 

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Lesli Patino

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