Day trip to the Venice of Argentina

Lena Novins-Montague
June 3, 2019

Tigre, a suburb of Buenos Aires, is one of the top day trip destinations from the capital city. It's easy to get to, tranquil when compared with the madness of Buenos Aires, and still has plenty of things to do. Better yet, it's situated on the Paraná Delta, which makes it ideal for boating or enjoying a waterside lunch.

Tigre is accessible using the Mitre train line, which is a part of the BA public transportation system. This means you can use the same card used to take city buses. The ride takes about an hour, and only costs about $1.50 USD.

My friends and I left on a Friday morning for our day trip. We grabbed brunch at a cute restaurant, explored Puerto de Frutas—one of Tigre's open air markets, took a scenic boat ride, and visited the town's famous art museum. 

The boat ride was undisputably our favorite part, as it guided us through the waves of the delta. We were able to glimpse all of the little islands that surround Tigre, where there are bed and breakfasts and small houses. The people who live on these islands use boats and water taxis to get around.

Around nightfall, we caught the train back to BA and were once again back in our beautiful, bustling city.