A Guide to Cafes in Freiburg

Layne Garrelts
October 28, 2015

Artjamming (photos 1-3)

For the artist..Free wifi and a nice barista. He likes when you practice your German so try and order in German. You can study here, but make sure you do so in the back. It isn't a common thing for students to study at cafes. It is more common for people to meet and chat or to have a morning espresso with a book. However, the man who runs this cafe was always kind when we wanted to work on homework. This place is also unique because it doubles as an art studio. There is a calendar each month with different activities and shows that go on. 

5 Senses Coffee (photos 4-6)

For those who live in Vauban...this will be a staple. Most Sundays I would go here to study and I almost always ran in to a couple other IES Abroad students. The staff here are also very friendly. They serve soup and breakfast in addition to great coffee. 

Elephant Beans (photos 7-8)

For the coffee connoisseur...Now, I am not a coffee expert, but by my judgement Elephant Beans has the highest quality of coffee. These people are serious about coffee! The cafe itself is quite small and perfect to stop in and enjoy your well-made coffee with one or two friends or maybe pick up some beans to make at home. They roast their own beans and offer it in many different forms. My favorite thing about Elephant Beans is that their coffee is direct trade, which is a really cool. 

Café Marcel (photos 9-11)

For the outdoorsy type...If you want an outdoor venue, this is your place. This sits at the bottom of Schlossberg in a really nice park. It's a great place to bring a friend on a sunny day and sip some coffee in the green grass. 



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