Off to Berlin and Prague

Layne Garrelts
October 20, 2015

After getting settled into Freiburg and starting off some classes, we all headed off to Berlin and Prague for the first of our field trips. The best part of this trip was getting to know all the people in the program. Sight-seeing and discovering new cities with people is a really cool way to get to know them. Both Berlin and Prague are so different from each other, but I ended up loving them each for their own unique charm. During the day we had some meetings, lectures, or museum visit, and after or between those we were able to have to some free time to explore the cities.

Captured this on our walking tour of Berlin. Those orange trees peeking through the pillars caught my eye. A European autumn is creeping up on us and I couldn't be happier. 

This is one of my favorite memories of the whole trip. We found a little space in our day to grab some sweets and just relax in the park. Thank you Berlin for sunny days.

The East Side Gallery is a must see. We walked and walked and were blown away with every mural and with the significance and history of the Berlin wall.

The John Lennon wall in Prague.

We quickly found out about the wonderful Czech treat that is a tdrelnik, a rolled pastry coated with sugar, and bought it from this little market area.

We actually did do some learning on this trip. This stroll along the water was taken after a lecture on the Czech Republic's role in the EU. The best thing about these trips is that we get to really experience the culture of these cities. Learning about their political and economic role is so much more interesting when you are walking through its streets.

 A beautiful and yet aggressive swan of Prague.

I think this photo kind of speaks for itself...Prague, you are beautiful.

Layne Garrelts

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