Neaderthals Were Better Than Me at Math

Kirsten Mossberg
February 8, 2019

And I'm not even bad at math...

Today, I traveled to County Meath to see Newgrange! It's a crazy cool tomb built during the Stone Age and it blew my mind to learn that it took 80 men 4 days to transport some of the large stones to the building site. The Neaderthals used crazy impressive calculations to align the tomb with the position of the sun during the summer solstice so every year on that day, the tomb is illuminated inside. When we went, it obviously wasn't the summer solstice so they recreated the effect with a strong light bulb. I guess the Neanderthals didn't know Thomas Edison was going to come along.

The architecture within is equally impressive especially when you consider the fact that the tomb hasn’t crumbled into ruins and the roof hasn’t caved in after all these years.

As for the construction outside, all the stones fit together like a mosaic and there were even these rounded stones fit in to add a bit of flair. It's also decorated with patterns of swirls and lines representing representing many blessings for the dead.

Makes you wonder if interior design was a viable career in the Stone Age. I sure hope so.


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