The National Botanic Gardens and Glasnevin Cemetery

Kirsten Mossberg
April 22, 2019

I took a little bus trip out to the National Botanic Gardens to catch a glimpse of all their exotic plants. I absolute love walking through gardens, and it was almost overwhelming to walk into the greenhouse and see lush greenery from head to toe.

In the first greenhouse, there were plants native to Ireland, but then you turn a corner and suddenly you're looking at an avocado tree (bush?). The greenhouses were a myriad of textures and scents; I would have never expected to find a jungle in Dublin. It astounded me just all the different ways nature has taken shape through different geographies. As a visual artist, I was so inspired by all the patterns before me from tiny little blossoms to sweeping branches.

We eventually walked into the orchid section, and I knew it was about to get very tropical up in here. Lo and behold, the next greenhouse lead into this oasis of Amazonian greenery. The temperature was high and the air was balmy which was such a relief because Dublin was so cold and grey that day. I just wanted to stay in the room forever and maybe climb a tree or two.

Lastly, we came into a greenhouse with TONS of cacti, ranging from fuzzy to spiky. Again, I was so astonished by the variety of cacti. I would have liked to take a succulent or two home for my dorm room.

After, inhaling the fresh floral scents of the greenhouse one more time, we popped over nextdoor to Glasnevin Cemetery, the first non-denominational cemetery of Ireland. We found a map that listed the graveyards of important people. From my studies in Ireland, I have developed affection for Chester Beatty, a wealthy collector, and Constance Markievicz, a brilliantly courageous female politician. It was supremely difficult to locate their graves since they're not distinguished from other graves with any special ornaments, but my friend and I refused to give up and eventually found them after doing some super sleuthing with google images. It was such a cool experience to pay my respects to these people I admire so much and I feel I will always carry a piece of them in my heart along with the rest of Dublin.

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