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Dublin: It Might be More than Just Potatoes

January 8, 2019

I'm about to dive in to Dublin (metaphorically speaking, I'm taking a plane).

I initially chose Dublin because of its vast literary history and lively arts scene, but it's mystery also allured me. I knew wherever I chose to go abroad, I wanted a feeling of instability. That feeling of apprehensive uncertainty after you take a leap, unsure when your feet will hit the ground or what kind of ground you'll even hit.

The more I thought about Dublin, the more my head wrapped itself around a fantasy: writing amongst the lush greenery and breezy coast, reading stacks upon stacks of literature in cozy cafes, gallivanting down cobblestone streets with new friends from all around the globe. Whether or not any of this manifests itself, I knew I had to hop on a plane and find out.

So all I have to say is "Dublin, dazzle me". I am game for everything so do not hold back. Give me the chance to take risks. Give me the space to grow. Give me the roads to a new home. 

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