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Kimberly Blanco
June 7, 2023
A photo I took at the Plitvice national park during spring break.

During my time studying abroad, I have traveled to many different countries, and even more cities. In this blog, I will be talking about where I traveled and what I loved about each place. If you are curious about where to travel and the benefits of each place, keep reading!

The first place outside of the Netherlands that I traveled to was Paris. This was a very last minute trip, and we took a night bus to get there. I really enjoyed Paris, but I wish my friends and I planned more activities. We went to the Louvre of course, but the rest of the time was spent just aimlessly exploring. I definitely still had a good time doing this, but I wish I did something where I could have learned more about the city!

The next place that I traveled to was Barcelona. I went on this trip to visit a friend of mine who is studying there, and I’m super glad that I did! I thought that it was really beautiful with a lot of things to do. I would definitely go back!

The next place that I traveled to was Dublin. I went during Saint Patrick's day weekend, so it was definitely a little hectic! Nonetheless, I had a good time and would definitely go back.

The next place that I went was Interlaken in Switzerland. This was somewhere that I was excited to travel to even more I left to study abroad, and I could not be happier that I made it there. It was so beautiful, and I got to go on a kayak tour which I loved doing. This was definitely one of my favorite trips!

The next place I traveled to was Mallorca in Spain. This was a super fun trip because I went with a big group of friends and we stayed in a super awesome air bnb all together that had a pool! We didn’t exactly have activities booked during this trip which usually I would've liked to do, but it was a really nice way to just relax on a beach with my friends.

The next place I traveled to was Croatia for spring break. I went to Split, Plitvice, Hvar, and Durbovnik, and had so much fun in each place. I went for 8 days in total, which was the perfect amount of time for me to get to explore each place. In Plitvice, we went to a national park which was super cool because it was a nice break from seeing city type places in other places in Europe. My favorite place in Croatia was definitely Dubrovnik because there was a lot to do there and it was gorgeous.

The last place that I traveled was Ibiza. Ibiza is somewhere that I have always wanted to travel to and I had a ton of fun there. I went to see a concert and had a blast! I definitely want to go back there soon. 

I am super grateful and happy with everywhere that I was able to travel, but there are some places that I would've liked to travel but didn't get to. Someday I would love to travel to Morocco and Prague, because both places look beautiful and I have a lot of friends who traveled there and really enjoyed both places!

I went to many different places, but this is certainly not a requirement for studying abroad! As I’ve said before, you can make study abroad whatever you want. Until next time!

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Headshot of Kim Blanco.

Kimberly Blanco

Hi, I'm Kim! I truly feel that traveling is important in order to gain new experiences that can be used to ensure a successful professional life and personal life. Amsterdam is somewhere that I have never traveled before, so I was really excited when I saw that it was an option for me! Being able to travel around Europe while I am there seems super fun to me and this experience will definitely be one that I cherish forever! In my future, I hope to eventually work as a criminal psychologist. A fun fact about me is that I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I am currently a part of a club dance team at Penn State University!

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