Your guide to using the Metro in Paris!

Kevin Reyes
December 16, 2019

If you’re going to be studying or visiting Paris, then you’re going to need to learn how to use the metro! The metro is the public transportation system used by everyone. It is the easiest way to get around Paris. Down below will explain everything you need to know in order to take the metro!

1. Locating the metro: In order to find the metro entrance you will see 3 different signs: either a red sign that says Metro, a yellow M in a circle, or the word Metropolitan in a cool font.

2. Buying Tickets: You can purchase tickets at the ticket machines. There will usually be two types: one for tickets and navigo passes and the other one just for navigo cards. (If you’re studying abroad, you will most likely have a navigo pass which you will reload monthly, if not you can purchase tickets for the metro. You can only buy tickets with coins and a physical debit or credit card. *MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE RECEIPT FOR YOUR NAVIGO PASS IN CASE IT BECOMES DEMAGNETIZED. The receipt will serve as proof that you purchased your navigo for the month.

3. Getting Around: You will find a map of Paris and all the metro lines in every metro. You can use these to help you locate where you need to go and what lines you need to take. (Though, in my opinion, I think it is better to use apple maps/google maps etc.)

4. Once you know where you are going and you have purchased your ticket, you can head through the barriers by either scanning your navigo pass or inserting your ticket. Make sure to collect your ticket once you insert it.

5. There will be signs to direct you. Locate which line you have to take and which direction you should go in. The lines also show which stops you can go to in order to switch lines.

6. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SECURE AND BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. There are many pickpocketers in Paris. It is basically a profession here.

7. While on the train platform, be careful entering the train and avoid entering if you hear the warning bell. The warning bell signifies that the doors are closing

8. Once on the train, you can see which stops the train will stop at and where you can transfer to other lines.

9. Follow these steps and you’ll make it to your destination!


Fun Facts about the metro + EXTRA tips:

- If your ticket or Navigo ever become demagnitized, make sure to KEEP your receipt so they don't charge you for it.

- There are 14 metro lines (try going on all of them!)

- Be extra cautious at night and ride in the front train cart where the conducter is.

- Sometimes Metro Workers will check to see ig you have a ticket, so always make sure to keep your ticket or Navigo pass with you, if not you can be fined.

- There are only two automatic trains with no drivers: Line 1 and Line 14 (ALSO the most favorited ones)

- The busiest Line is Line 13 (everyone’s least favorite)

- The largest metro stop that many people don't like is Châtelet.

- It is the 2nd busiest metro system in Europe.

-The metro system serves 3.9million passengers a day!

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