The Perks Of Studying In The Center Of Rome

Kathryn Sommer
December 4, 2015

How lucky am I to study in a school that is located directly across from the Castel Sant’Angelo? A program that is five minutes away from the Vatican, and approximately ten minutes away from the Pantheon?

When studying in the center of Rome, I highly recommend going on short excursions in between classes or after school, as everything is so close to the IES Abroad Center. I walk by the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo on my way to school every day, across the Ponte Sant’Angelo even. And if I want to eat one of the best gelatos in Rome, one of the best gelatos is located right by the Pantheon – Don Nino is truly a must-try!



Castel Sant'Angelo                   Sant'Angelo                               Don Nino Gelato



The Pantheon                            The World-Famous Cupola      The Vatican

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