From Capri Sun to Positano Lemons

Kathryn Sommer
September 24, 2015

One weekend we decided to take advantage of Rome's proximity to Capri. It is easily accessible via train to Naples, from where a ferry can take you directly to Capri. Once in Capri, we enjoyed the beautiful view of the beach and the small houses situated closely to the tiny streets curving through the hills of the island. There are many small stores in Capri, Anacapri, and Marina Grande that sell wonderful, handmade sandals, as well as jewelry and souvenirs. While we were on the island, we hiked to the Grotta Azzurra and also toured the entire island via boat. On this boat tour, the captain showed us all of the sights along the coast ranging from rock formations to caves. Many other sites can be visited by foot and are all worth seeing.

On our third day, we decided to take a ferry to Positano, where we were welcomed by the view of tiny, colorful houses rowed side by side and on top of each other. While Capri was extremely charming, I am of the opinion that Positano beats this charm with its even narrower alleys and the scent of lemons everywhere. After exploring this town we enjoyed the sun at the beach with this scenic view.




View of the Island                     Marina Grande                          Rock Formations in the Sea




Cave Tour via Boat                   Grotta Verde                             Grotta Azzurra



Coral Jewelry in Anacapri        Positano                                     The Port of Positano

Positano's Beach and Houses

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