Queenstown, Glenorchy and Mt. Cook

Katelyn Steike
May 29, 2014

The second half of the week my mom joined us in Queenstown.  We took the gondola in Queenstown up to the amazing view and I did the luge ride up there.  The luge was fun, but not really worth the full price if you don’t get discount tickets online.  After Queenstown, we drove around the lake to Glenorchy and Paradise.  They were absolutely breathtaking.  If you go, make sure you pull off the road for pictures at scenic spots.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was going horseback riding in Glenorchy.  We went through the valley where they filmed scenes from Lord of the Rings and it was pretty cool to see.  Milford Sound was also beautiful, but make sure you bring bug spray!  The sand flies are crazy there.  Once you get out on a boat though, there’s no sand flies and its amazing.  After that, we drove to Mt. Cook to spend two days there before heading back to Christchurch.  Really the only thing to do near Mt. Cook is hike, which was fine by me!  My parents and I went on a 3 1/2 hour hike with beautiful views that ended at a glacier and a view of Mt. Cook, but unfortunately by the time we got there, it was too cloudy to see the top of the mountain.

My travels with my parents were amazing and i’m so happy and grateful that they came here to travel with me.  It’s an experience I will never forget!


The gondola we took up in Queenstown and the luge below it

The view from the top of the gondola station in Queenstown


First view of MIlford Sound


One of the many waterfalls we saw on the boat ride through the Milford Sound


Rainbow caused by the mist from the waterfall


Seals we saw from the boat!


Waves breaking against a rock out in the ocean at the edge of the sound


Waterfall and water pools on a little hike we did on the way back


Me in one last picture with the view of Milford Sound before we left


Me at a pitstop on the way to Glenorchy and Paradise, two super small towns on the other side of the lake from Queenstown. Definitely a must see if you go to Queenstown and have a car.


The view from the walking trail in Glenorchy. Absolutely beautiful.


Another view on the same trail


Entering the town “Paradise” where many films have taken place


My mom, dad, and I went horseback riding through the valley below the “Misty Mountains” from Lord of the Rings. One of my favorite experiences here.


View from the hike to Mt. Cook


End of the hike at the remains of a glacier and mount cook behind the clouds in the background



Katelyn Steike

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