Abel Tasman and Skydiving!

Katelyn Steike
March 26, 2014

This weekend I went to Abel Tasman National Park with a group of friends.  One of the things I love about being here is that I don’t only meet Kiwis, but people from all around the world.  In the group that went, we had 4 people from the USA, 1 person from Germany, and 3 people from China. Luckily, two of the people had cars, so we didn’t have to take a bus.  Unfortunately, through IES, we are not allowed to drive.  It’s a really inconvenient rule, but since we can’t drive, making friends with cars makes it easier to get around.  We left for our trip friday night around 6pm and made the 6 hour drive up north.  We arrived at the camp site we were staying at around midnight, set up our tents and pretty much immediately went to sleep.  The next morning we got up, got dressed and left for our big adventure… skydiving!  I had originally paid for the lowest altitude jump since it was the least expensive, but the woman at the skydiving place convince me to upgrade to the medium altitude.  Instead of free-falling for 20 seconds, I would free-fall for 45 seconds.  I was a little nervous, but really excited.  I’m not really afraid of heights, so that wasn’t a huge issue, but jumping out a plane isn’t exactly something you do everyday.

Me, Rachel, and Michelle, getting ready for our jump!


Me and my tandem master in the plane on the way up


Climbing out of the plane


Free Falling!


Having the time of my life!


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky


Parachute opening


Coming in for a landing


everything is a-okay :)


Skydiving was possibly the most exciting and amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life and i’m so happy I got to do it here in New Zealand.  I wish it wasn’t so expensive or I would definitely go again.  One day after I graduate when I have a job and enough money, I will definitely be going again!

Katelyn Steike

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