How To Become A Londoner

Kalista Sutton
October 28, 2016


When my biggest problem is deciding what to do for the day in London, I have to say I am living a good life.


As my time in London is exactly halfway done, I have learned so much about the British and their lovely home. Everyday I realize just how different this city is from my home in New York. Here is a list of things I found interesting living here for two months:


1.     “Mind the gap between the train and the platform” will be something you will hear every time you take the tube, but you’ll still love it.

2.     The British do not walk on a certain side of the sidewalks, so get used to using your best maneuvering skills when in tourist areas.

3.     Tesco and Sainsbury’s will be your best friends for grocery shopping.

4.     It does not rain as much as you would think it does, so don’t stress that it will be rainy every day for your time here. 

5.     “Cheers” is not just another word for hello but thank you as well.

6.     Getting a pint of beer in the afternoons is totally acceptable. Pubs open for lunch and people will be outside drinking as early as 1pm.

7.     Walking the streets of London you would think the cars are dangerous, but I think the Bikers have the most control on the road…. they’re crazy!

8.     When walking the streets alone, be prepared to get asked for directions.

9.     You’ll begin to use words such as “lift”, “queue”, and “holiday” instead of elevator, line, and vacation.

10. Students get discounts for everything! So you will never pay full price—yay for saving money!

11. Your entire wallet will be spent at Primark. It’s just insanely cheap clothes that are so cute.

12. Foods that are “American” from home will NOT taste the same. The British are very healthy. So don’t expect that Snickers bar you bought to taste the same.

13. UK Netflix is not the same as home.


I hope that I could prepare students who are coming here and give fun facts to those who aren’t, but for some reason read my blog. You are AWESOME.


Cheers xx

Kalista Sutton



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