Kalista Sutton
December 21, 2016

I tried driving today for the first time and I thought the break was the gas…


Hello everyone!


A 9 hour flight, 8 hour layover, and 2 hour flight later I am home. When you study abroad you think about all of the changes you will go through when you arrive to the new country and experience new things. But most people (including myself) forget that you will experience changes coming home too.


When I arrived home and opened the door I took a deep breath…home always smells like home. I saw all of the Christmas decorations and my family all around and it felt nice. I never thought I would be happy to see the snow or New York in general.


Having met so many great people abroad, I was nervous I wouldn’t be in touch as often since we all left. However, we still talk like we did back then. It is nice to have support from friends who are experiencing the same things.


Do I miss London? Of course I do. But I find myself thinking that I know I will be back soon. There’s too much out there that I love just to give it all up. Walking the streets, taking the tube, and people I left behind there are things I miss so much already.  


I cannot thank the people I met in London enough. Rooftop dates, endless Christmas markets, and late night food runs are things I’ll remember my whole life. These people will always be a part of London for me.


I can take away so much from this experience. I learned what the world has to offer for me, and I learned more about myself. I have the confidence to say I’m not scared of traveling far away, or scared of doing things alone.


These past four months have been the best four months of my life. I caught myself crying near the end of the trip; not because I was leaving, but because I’m twenty years old and have done incredible things. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do what I did. I remember the last day I walked around central London and said goodbye to Buckingham Palace, the eye, and big ben. As I stood looking at big ben I started to cry. I’ll never forget that moment when I realized it.


I realized that this isn’t the end for me…it is just the beginning.


With all of the opportunities I have had in my life and on this trip, it would be a shame to say that was the end of traveling. I can’t wait to see what else I have in store.


Who knows, I might just move back to London….


Signing off from IES Abroad one last time,

Cheers xx

Kalista Sutton


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Kalista Sutton

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