Kalista Sutton
December 8, 2016

Growing up with my mom thinking she is Mrs. Claus, I enjoy Christmas all year round.


Christmas is always a fun time of year if not THE BEST time of year. Being able to spend the beginning of Christmas in London is exciting. London has so much to offer during Christmas time. Whether you are a foodie, in it for the decorations, or just love shopping, London has got you covered.


Oxford Street Christmas lights is the first thing I think of when I think of London at Christmas time. Throughout the whole street you see lights shining from above as you walk and do some shopping. It is a sight you don’t want to miss.


Ice Skating is all around London starting at the beginning of November. There are numerous places such as The Somerset House, The Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland, Hampton Court Palace, and The Tower of London.


CHRISTMAS MARKETS! There are all over London. Southbank has a huge row of wooden cabins filled with food and gifts along the Thames. There is a huge area for street food as well as restaurants that are Christmas-themed. They make me feel as if I am in a Hallmark film and I love it.


Last but not least Winter Wonderland was the best winter experience while in London. Taking up the entire end of Hyde Park, this Christmas-themed amusement park has everything mentioned above and more. From rides to shopping to food to shows to games there is something for everyone. 


Until Next Time,

Kalista Sutton 

Kalista Sutton

<p>Hey everyone! I&#39;m Kali from New York. I am a junior in marketing and communications at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. You can find me at a local coffee shop or outside at a park admiring the views. This is my first overseas trip so I cannot wait to share the experience with you. You can expect posts such as typical tourist photos where I pose in front of a statue, photos of food (who doesn&#39;t love that?), and photos of me trying to get the princes attention on the way to class.</p>

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