Kalista Sutton
September 28, 2016

Part of me feels like I've lost weight, but part of me feels like I've gained it all back from food. Oops?

Hey everyone! I've dedicated this entire post to food. So I know you will love it. Everything from entrees to mains to desserts. This post has it all from whimsical macaroons and ice cream, to greasy burgers and fish. You honestly can't go wrong. 

A big part of being abroad is dedicated to eating as much food as you can buy in three months. I can tell you it's basically correct. I've tried foods I didn't know existed, to classic American dishes that remind me of home. 

London is known for fish and chips and their big English breakfasts. Of course my first two meals I bought abroad were each of those things. I'm not here to tell you "oh my god they were AMAZING" but rather give you the real kal opinion. 

FISH AND CHIPS: I had a very high expectation of these since London is known for this. If you know me you know I am a huge seafood person so this was something I took seriously. I learned that when you order fish and chips, a side of mushy peas comes along with it. I'm going to be honest I didn't try the mushy peas and I don't think I'm sad I didn't. I was at a pub in central London called The Mad Hatter. Yes, I did only go for the name not even the menu because that's how I am. The fish and chips were very good, but nothing extremely different from home. But nonetheless amazing. 

BIG ENGLISH BREAKFAST: There's nothing better than sleeping in and then eating a huge breakfast in the morning. I didn't know what to expect for an English breakfast. Toast and eggs maybe? When I read the menu I was slightly concerned. The breakfast included Toast, Egg, Beans, Mushroom & tomato, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. I'm not a vegetable person so I thought i would mainly eat the other things. I was completely wrong. My favorite parts were actually the vegetables and beans. Who would've thought I like healthy foods? 

YOLKIN MACAROON ICE CREAM SANDWICHES: I love macaroons. Not the coconut kind that everyone assumes, but the French macaroons. My friend found a company that actually has exclusive ice cream macaroons only on Saturdays and Sundays for around three hours in a shop from a cart. Of course I went to check it out and was amazed. A huge macaroon and on the inside was a bunch of ice cream. Yum! I will definitely be going back again! Thanks Yolkin! 

ESCARGOT: This past weekend some friends and I went to Paris. Now I wasn't sure what Paris was really known for as far as dishes went, I assumed just mainly dessert. While sitting at dinner my friends and I decided to order escargot to try it for the first time. For those who don't know, escargot is snail. Yes, I tried snail and actually liked it. Is it weird to say I would've ordered all snail if I knew I liked it?

CREPES: While in Paris I experienced my first crepe. I didn't really know what to expect but everyone said I had to try it and then I saw nutella containers and was so in. So a crepe is basically a really thin pancake with a layer of nutella on the inside. It was so good I think I hade three within the two days I was there. Then I came back to London and of course bought pancake mix and nutella. 10/10 must try.

CHEESEBURGER: As sad as it is to say, I do love cheeseburgers and the first meal I had in Paris was actually a burger. But I have to say it was amazing. The cheese was oozing out the side and honestly was the best burger I've ever had. The French really know how to make a mean burger. 

UK CHIPOTLE: Being away from chipotle for a month was just too long. For all the other Chipotle lovers, you understand my pain. I went to Oxford street and decided to try my fair hand at U.K. Chipotle. Londoners told me it was not as good as ours back home, but I wanted to try. I couldn't tell the difference. Still absolutely amazing.The chips were a little different and were darker but I found them to be better.  Sad, but I will probably go back three more times before I go back home with no shame.

THE MAC FACTORY: Camden Market is one of the coolest places I have been in London. Imagine having 50 different food companies serving food from stands and you have all of these choices. I strictly went here for Mac n cheese from The Mac Factory. I almost went for a loaded Mac n cheese but went for the Nostalgic which was the original. It was definitely worth the forty minute walk to the market. Here is where I also ran into my first surprise rain in London. No umbrella, 30min of rain later I learned that you must always carry an umbrella.....still worth the Mac n cheese. 

I'll definitely continue eating amazing foods as I still have 2 1/2 months to eat. Study, or eat? You tell me. 

If you know any good foods I should try, let me know I would love to try new things! 

Cheers! xx

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