Kalista Sutton
November 21, 2016


Food is my best friend.


Hi everyone! I had previously made a post all about food, but I decided everyone loves food so I’ll make another one. In this post I’m giving you all of my secrets. Yes, you. After living here I have found the best and the worst places to eat here in London. Here are some of my favorites!


The Mac Factory: In Camden Market and Euston, both within walking distance makes this place dangerous. Their nostalgic mac n cheese is so cheesy and the breadcrumbs on top just add to the flavors! There are five different kinds of mac n cheese to choose from. You can grab a cup of this for only 5 pounds 50 pence!


Big Chill House: Right where you will stay in Kings Cross lays this restaurant-by-day, bar-by-night hot spot. On Sundays go here for a really good English breakfast for only 8 pounds.


Pizza Union: Right in Kings Cross this pizza place is the best in London! Not only is it the best, but the cheapest as well. For only 3 pounds 95 pence you can have a 12in margarita pizza. If you want dessert they have amazing gelato and dolce, a ring of dough filled with nutella!


Yolkin: This pop-up is only available on weekends for 2 hours or until sold out in Piccadilly Circus. Do you love macaroons? Do you love ice cream? This is for you. For around 5 pounds you can have a macaroon ice cream sandwich. The flavors change each week and are posted on instagram!


CHOP CHOP: If you like Chinese this place is perfect for you. It’s a really cheap, really good place. I had previously gone to a few other Chinese places in Kings Cross before this one, and they were awful. I would order chicken and instead get two pieces of chicken and then a bunch of onions in sauce….YUCK? But this place is really good.


Killadilla Quesadillas: Again, Camden Market slays the food world with the quesadillas. They don’t look like much, but the flavor is amazing. For 6 pounds you can have an amazing Mexican treat in London (second to Chipotle).


Café Nero: All Day Breakfast Panini is life. For 4 pounds this sandwich comes toasted in all its glory. If you are looking to try to stay away from Starbucks and other American chains, this is a good pick for you. This chain is available all over London.


Aux Pains De Papy: French café with amazing croissants and orange juice. The orange juice is fresh squeezed when you order and was a must every Wednesday morning before class. This was on the walk to class so it made an easy quick breakfast.


Kings Cross Market: I love doughnuts, so when I saw a caramel-filled one with a honeycomb on top, I had to try it. I probably have bought a dozen of them since I have been here. At only 2 pounds 50 pence it is a quick breakfast. 


The Alchemist: A nicer restaurant in the financial district, this place is my favorite in London. The food is amazing and the price is average for a nice dinner. Having the Japanese Ramen with Prawn, it came out of the kitchen smoking because of the dry ice inserted in the soup. The Alchemist is also a bar as well where you can get any type of science-themed drink; ones that bubble, ones that change color, and ones that smoke.


Poppies: Fish and chips here is a must! This place is all over London except I enjoy the one in Camden Market the best. The ketchup and tartar sauce come in cute little containers and if you order a coke it is a glass bottle. This is a good dinner for just 12 pounds.


I hope those of you coming to London soon try out some of my favorite places and let me know what you think (even though I know you will love them)!! For those of you who don’t know if you are coming to London, consider it from these amazing food choices.


Until next time.

Cheers, Kalista 

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