Things that Exist in Spain that Need to Exist in the US

Julie Miranto
October 12, 2016

Hey America, it's time we had a little chat. There are some things that you are doing very wrong, and being abroad has helped me realize that. So sit down, open your ears, and listen to all these things that exist in Spain that need to exist in America ASAP.

1. Bocadillos

Essentially this is just the Spanish word for sandwhich. And yes, I am fully aware that sandwhiches exist in the US, and on some level I think American sandwhiches are way better than Spanish bocadillos, but on the other hand bocadillos are everythingggggggg. The thing that makes them so awesome is that you can literally buy one for like 1€. And this 1€ bocadillo is not like a tiny, little, sad sandwhich that you'd buy at a gas station. No, it's like half of a fresh baguette stuffed with ham, chorizo, tomato, maybe cheese. These things are like an entire meal for 1€ (sometimes including a drink too). Not only are they a full meal but the Spainiards don't actually eat them for lunch or dinner. In reality they eat them as one of those inbetween meals. Too many times in a day have my friends and I bought bocadillos at like 11am. It's completely absurd to eat a giant sandwhich so early in the day and to then eat more meals later on, but in Spain it's completely acceptable and that's why I love it, and that's why we need to bring bocadillos to the US.

2. Siesta

I'm sure most people have heard the rumors of the "Spanish siesta".  Essentially a "nap in the middle of the day", it seems too good to be true. But alas, it is a real thing and it is amazing. Between the hours of roughly 2PM-5PM most restaurants, stores, etc. close for siesta. Everyone goes home and has lunch with their family and then takes naps or chills or literally whatever you want to do. The fact that this is a culturally accepted break in the day is freaking awesome. It's like having recess in elementary school. The only bad part about siesta is usually classes continue after siesta is over. As you can probably imagine, going to a class after you've been in bed for two hours is definitely not easy to do. But all in all siestas are the exact thing that a lazy girl like me needs in her day (side note: in my defense sometimes I am productive during this time and like actually do homework....sometimes). HEY AMERICA, YOU NEED TO INCORPROATE SIESTA INTO YOUR DAY IF YOU EVER WANT ME TO COME HOME.

3. Bazaars

Don't even get me started on these things, I literally live by them. The best way I can describe them is like a dollar store on crack. They are these tiny littles stores that are everywhere along the streets of Salamanca and they're literally covered wall to wall in cheap things. Need a notebook? Bazaar. Water bottle? Bazaar. Charger? Bazaar. Sewing kit? Bazaar. Contruction materials? Bazaar. Literally anything and everything you can possibly think of? BAZAAR. I'm not kidding, they have everything. They're super handy when you need something but don't know where to look for it. I broke a pair of shoes the other day and stopped into a bazaar to see if they had any super glue, surprise surprise they did. Now, as much as I love bazaar's you are kind of getting what you're paying for so don't expect that 5€ hair-dryer you bought to be the best quality. However, at the end of the day they are the most convenient inventions ever and we need them in the US.

That's all I have for right now but believe me I'm sure I'll be able to come up with many more things as my semester continues. Start working on these improvements now, you have 60 days til my arrival.

Much love from Spain,


Julie Miranto

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