Welcome Home!

Julie Alderman
December 23, 2013

Coming home is the hardest part of going abroad. Things are weird. The money is weird. The people wear sweatpants. The condiments are free. It’s not natural.

Coming home, I was lucky in that I had plans lined up, like babysitting for some of my favorite kids and going to the movies. If I didn’t, I would’ve sat in bed and cried even more. It’s hard not to sulk, but throwing yourself into something makes life a lot easier.

It’s also a good idea to look at the good things at coming home. If you like driving, there’s a chance to do so again. I know I was happy not to see any bikers crowding the streets. You also get homemade cooking, which can be good or not so good.

Looking at the good little things like driving or free food can make being at home a lot more tolerable. It’s going to stink for the first few days; you’ll be dreaming you’re back abroad in a city you’ve loved. However, there’s still some great things back home.

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Julie Alderman

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