Freiburg, The Green City is now Freiburg, My City

Julia Chodyla
February 4, 2020
Freiburg Canals

I don’t know what I did in my mother’s womb to deserve the life I have today, but I couldn’t be more thankful. I have been able to see so much of this world in such a short amount of time, and I could rave for hours upon hours about each destination (Switzerland coming first to mind because I just had the craziest experience paragliding there this weekend). That being said, there are many determining factors that distinguish a city as one that feels like home, rather than one that is merely filled with magnificent culture and region-specific sights. For me, the most decisive factor is the character of the people. 

When it comes down to it, the citizens are the most important part of the city. They determine whether the city is teeming with kindness or snobbiness, creativity or dullness, liveliness or lethargy. Freiburg’s people remind me of the people from my hometown, Tallahassee. There is no limit to their kindness and creativity. Many times, locals will strike conversations with me on the tram, a bar or a coffee shop- conversations so enjoyable that I can tell he or she truly cares about my story. Last week at my favorite coffee shop, the barista was so insistent that I try their specialty cake that he even bought me a slice! 

In addition to having this remarkably positive experience with the locals, I have made Freiburg my home by finding a routine completely unique to my own needs. More explicitly, I have found parts of Freiburg, such as two dance studios, that give me a sense of purpose and belonging in this local community. My biggest advice for travelers trying to acclimate to a new home is to use their passions as a weapon- find a place or a group in which you can connect with others through your passions.

Julia Chodyla

<p>My name is Julia Chodyla, and I am a junior at The George Washington University majoring in International Affairs and Dance and minoring in Economics. I am happiest and feel most like "Julia" when I am dancing, traveling, exploring the outdoors, laughing and trying new things.</p>

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